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Priority Seating

The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics is anxious to provide the best seating available in Memorial Stadium and State Farm Center for the newest members of the Fighting Illini family of supporters. Please understand, however, that certain sections of the stadium and arena, especially the high priority areas, experience little turnover because a very high percentage of the priority tickets are renewed each season by qualified I FUND members. Those seats that do become available are first offered to those returning I FUND members requesting adjustments in their seating location. Remember… this year's new member is next year's renewal member! Only after the renewal requests for a particular club have been completed will the "new" requests for that club be considered.

Important factors to consider when making plans to order season tickets for the first time include:

A) The number of season tickets desired. (2-4-6-8-?)
Please note: each club level has the ability to purchase different number of priority seats. Please see the Benefits Chart for the number of tickets associated with our club levels.

B) The area of Memorial Stadium or Assembly Hall that is most desirable, i.e. football - east side or west side, main stands or balcony; basketball - closer to mid-court and possibly higher, or lower rows but further from mid-court.

C) The configuration of seats, i.e. together or separated...all seats in one row or "piggybacked" upon each other (3 in one row with 3 directly behind, etc.)

D) Relationship to an aisle, i.e. do you require being on the aisle, even if it places you further from your desired area? Do you prefer not to be near the aisle?

E) What is the range of rows you would consider, i.e. what row is too high and what row is too low?

F) Which I FUND club level would you consider joining in order to purchase the seats you desire?

When you feel you have answers to these questions or if you would like to get more information, contact the Champaign or Chicago I FUND office. Express your desire to join the I FUND and purchase priority season tickets, and ask to speak to someone who can address those issues.

After further discussions...the I FUND staff member will:

A) Request vital information to open-up an I FUND account and a ticket account (Name / address / phone / etc.).

B) Place your ticket order for the desired number of tickets and ask you to make payment for the tickets at that time (credit card or check).

C) Activate your new I FUND account by accepting payment (credit card or check) or,
List you as a potential I FUND member and agree to contact you when openings in your requested area of the stadium or arena are identified (This scenario is if you would like to know your ticket locations prior to becoming a member of the I FUND).

D) Contact you (at a later time) when the openings are identified and allocation assignments are taking place, based upon the criteria given by you at the time the order is being placed (between mid-June and early August for football ticket options...between mid-September and mid-October for basketball ticket options). You will be asked to decide on your I FUND club and/or ticket choice during the latter phone call *.
*Please note - If you agreed to be contacted as a "potential" I FUND member (with your decision being made based upon the location of the season tickets) and when contacted, you agree to a particular location over the phone, you will be asked to give your credit card number at that time, so your account can be charged for the I FUND donation account (or you may send a check in the amount at that time).

Account Numbers

All I FUND members are assigned one account number within the athletic department. For your convenience, have this account number available when discussing your account and/or corresponding with the I FUND offices and athletic ticket office.

To insure correctness and proper priority, ticket orders must be placed in the name as it appears on the account. This is especially true if a person is involved in more that one I FUND membership, or the name on the account is different that the name of the person placing an order (example: a company having more than one account, one would want to place a ticket order in the account with the highest priority or most points). Members are responsible for placing orders in the correct account.

In some cases, there may be duplicate records caused by different addresses for the same person. If you are receiving two or more mailings / order forms and feel you should have only one (1) account, please notify the I FUND office and / or the athletic ticket office.

In addition, if you have a change in your address or phone numbers, contact the I FUND office and/or the athletic ticket office in writing immediately or update your information online.

Tickets: When a new member may place an order for priority seating

Football - New season ticket orders and payments are accepted in late spring/early summer (based upon availability). Orders for tickets placed after June 1 might not be allocated in priority areas (although orders will still be accepted after June 1, the location may not be as good, as the priority seats in that area may have already been allocated into upgraded or new I FUND accounts).

Basketball - New season ticket orders and payments are accepted at the start of the school year in August (based upon availability). Orders placed after September 15 might not be allocated in priority areas (although orders will still be accepted after September 15, the location may not be as good, as the priority seats may have already been allocated into new accounts).

Paying for tickets

Purchases are accepted in the form of cash, check (payable to the University of Illinois), Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. An order is "placed" when paid in full.

The acceptance of payment by the Athletic Ticket Office does not guarantee that tickets will be available to fill your order. In the event that the ticket office must reduce/adjust/cancel your order, an appropriate refund will be made.

Reminder: In accordance with Big Ten Conference rules, all persons require a ticket for admission, regardless of age.

Season ticket reclaiming / renewing

Renewal season ticket request forms are mailed to all season ticket holders from the prior season. I FUND members have the ability to reclaim their same season tickets from the previous season by:

A) Ordering and paying for the season tickets prior to the renewal deadline.

B) Maintaining or increasing I FUND donation annually.

C) Requesting the same seats when renewing.
Note: Season tickets that are not reclaimed prior to the renewal deadline may be reassigned to other members.

Adjustments in seat locations

In order to be considered for an adjustment in seat location:

A) Order and pay for your season tickets prior to the renewal deadline.

B) Maintain or increase I FUND donation

C) Submit a written request of your desired location or configuration with your ticket renewal.

A very high percentage of individuals qualify and indeed reclaim their same seats annually. This is especially true in high demand areas of the arena or stadium. If there are insufficient openings to meet the needs of your request, you will be offered and/or assigned seating in the "next-best available" area. With this in mind, please know that no promises can ever be made for tickets in a particular location. All ticket requests / movements are based on availability.

After all members who qualify for and request same seats are placed in the same seats, the openings for upgrades are identified.

"Openings" (used for upgrades and new members) are the result of season ticket holders from the prior year that did not renew their seats, and season ticket holders from the prior year that renewed, but have become "delinquent" in their I FUND account. The upgrade requests from donors are identified and prioritized by their club membership and by the area requested (example: Olympian Club members requesting east main stands or Champion Club members requesting west balcony; etc.). Renewal requests (by club) are addressed prior to new requests. The priority order is as follows for addressing "requests for changes" (and new purchases).

1. Hall of Fame
2. Loyalty Circle Platinum
3. Loyalty Circle Gold
4. Loyalty Circle Silver
5. Loyalty Circle Bronze
6. Block I Council
7. Olympian Club
8. Oskee Club
9. Champion Club
10. All-American Club
11. Captains Club

At the time your request is being addressed (if requested), you will be contacted by phone (prior to allocating your seats) to discuss available options (if any). You will be asked during that phone conversation to decide upon the available options.

Individuals who wish to improve their seating are required to at least maintain and in some cases increase their I FUND activity. If your request is for a section in the stadium or arena that requires a certain membership in the I FUND, your willingness to become a member at that level is required.

Additional season tickets

There is a limit in the number of priority (core) seats at a particular club level. See the Benefits Chart. Please note that purchasing season tickets is based upon availability.

There is no guarantee that additional seats will be placed together with your originals (even if within the I FUND limits).

If your needs for season tickets exceed the "core" option, you have four choices:

A) Take the core seats in the priority area and the excess seats in a non-priority area (These excess seats would be allocated after all core seats have been allocated at all I FUND club levels).

B) Give up your priority location for the sake of "all-seats together", and have the seats placed together, but in a lower priority area.

C) Open an additional I FUND account.

D) Invest in Memorial Stadium and State Farm Center premium seating.

It is important to state your choice when placing the order.

Group season tickets

I FUND members may have their season tickets placed together. Those wishing to sit together must place their orders at the same time and submit a written request to the athletic ticket office either on or attached to the season ticket application(s). Members will be seated together (prioritized) according to the lowest club level of any member in the group. All priority seating is based on availability.

Ticket deadlines

Failure to renew / reclaim your season tickets prior to the published deadline could result in the loss of your priority seating location. Ordering on time is very important. Order deadlines have been established to allow the ticket office to:

A) Identify and prioritize all I FUND members' requests prior to all non-I FUND members' requests.
B) Identify all season tickets that have not been renewed as those seats become available for renewals.
C) Have the time prior to the event necessary to address individual requests.
Remember: I FUND members who have increased their involvement as well as new members are entitled to your seats if you fail to meet the deadlines.

Receiving the tickets

Season tickets will be mailed approximately two weeks prior to the first home game. Single game tickets will be mailed at least seven days prior to the requested game. Phone, fax, mail, and online orders for single game tickets received seven days (or less) prior to a game will not be mailed. These tickets will be held at the "Will Call" window at the stadium or arena (this is true for both home and away games).

The person whose name appears on the account / order will be allowed to pick up these tickets at "Will Call" and a picture ID is required. If tickets are not picked up, a refund will not be made.

If you place two or more separate orders, each order will be mailed to you in separate envelopes. If your address changes after you have placed your ticket order, immediately notify the athletic ticket office/development office of the change in writing.

Single game tickets

Single-game tickets for home and away football games and home basketball games are sold on a first-come/first-served basis (there is not a priority benefit for single-game tickets) through the athletic ticket office. The first day for football ticket sales will be in the early spring, and the first day for basketball ticket sales will be in the early fall. Contact the athletic ticket office directly to receive the specific dates...this includes individual or group orders. Tickets for away Big Ten basketball games are not available for purchase through the Illinois athletic ticket office.


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