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Priority Points

The University of Illinois uses a Priority Point System to rank its customers when determining seating allocations for football, men’s basketball, parking, and various special events. These special events may include:

  • Bowl games
  • Annual basketball game at the United Center in Chicago
  • Annual Braggin’ Rights basketball game against the University of Missouri in St. Louis
  • Big Ten Basketball Tournament
  • NCAA Post-Season Tournament
  • Men’s basketball tickets for games during which the students are on semester break

The University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics values the loyalty of its customers. The Priority Points System honors the consistent long- time support of Illini fans by recognizing season ticket purchases as well as their level of financial support.

Every customer will be ranked first by their current I FUND annual giving level, then by priority points within that specific annual level. All non-donors will then be prioritized according to their points after the lowest I FUND level.

I FUND Lifetime Donation Points are awarded based on the cumulative value of gifts contributed during one’s lifetime. Examples of the different types of gifts that one can make to earn points are listed below:

  • Cash gifts given to the I FUND
  • Matching gifts from one’s employer
  • Purchasing a club seat or suite at Memorial Stadium or State Farm Center
  • Providing the use of a courtesy car for DIA staff
  • Gift-in-Kind donations in lieu of cash contributions

These items may include catering, hotel accommodations, printing services, air travel, maintenance supplies, paper products, turf chemicals and fertilizers, equipment and clothing. All Gift-in-Kind donations must be pre-approved.

For more information, download the Priority Points Brochure.


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